The Best Specialty Pet Stores In The Inland Empire

The largest list of Inland Empire pet stores that specialize in natural, sustainable, and holistic pet products!




The Naked Dog

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, this is the Whole Foods of pet stores. The Naked Dog specializes in natural and holistic eats, treats, and toys. The store is always clean, well-stocked, and staffed by knowledgeable employees. I love coming here because they have specialty items that can’t be found anywhere else. About 5 months ago, I bought a bacon flavored toy for my Mastiff, Penny, and she absolutely adores it. She has other toys from some of the big box stores, but this is the only one that she plays with consistently. So even though it was a little bit more expensive, it will never have to be replaced.







Pet Food Emporium

Located in Upland, the Pet Food Emporium is probably one of the cutest shops I’ve ever been to. It’s setup exactly like a regular grocery store, except for the fact that they only sell food for pets. The apple baskets, treat jars, and butcher bar, may be a novelty – But the food itself is not. The Pet Food Emporium specializes in natural and holistic treats that your pets will love!


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Jackboy’s Dog Bakery

Penny’s first birthday will be coming soon, and when it does, I’m going straight to Jackboy’s Dog Bakery in Ontario for her cake. They specialize in all natural dog treats and pastries. Yes, it’s literally a bakery for dogs! You can walk in and order a custom cake for your furry friend or have one of the pre-made cakes personalized. Either way, your dog’s sure to love it!


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Pet Joy

Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Pet Joy is known for its great service and friendly staff. It’s also a locally owned, indie pet store that has a wide variety of foods that can’t be found in the big box pet stores. In fact, they specialize in carrying food that pets love – even if they are picky, sensitive, or allergic. Your fur baby is sure to find something they love here!


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The Cat Tree Factory

I’ve never owned a kitty, but I do know that indoor cats need a place to climb, scratch, and nap. This is where the Cat Tree Factory comes in handy! They specialize in creating the cutest cat trees that money can buy. They carry a wide variety of cat trees at an affordable price. You can pick them up at their Ontario location, or you can have it shipped to your home. Everyone with a cat needs to know about this place.


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The largest list of Inland Empire pet stores that specialize in natural, sustainable, and holistic pet products!
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