Chino Hills State Park

This guide will give you all of the information you need to know about Chino Hills State Park.


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chino hills state park



The Basics

4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709 | (951) 780-6222 | Website

Entrance fee $5



Park Hours

October – March: 8am-5pm 7 Days a Week

April – September: 8am-7pm 7 Days a Week


Chino Hills State Park

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Why Visit Chino Hills State Park?

There’s nowhere else in the LA Basin where you can hike, bike, camp, or ride a horse with over 90 miles of scenic trails. At over 14,000 acres, this park is managed as an open space habitat that protects all of the biodiversity within.


The park is also a welcome interruption in the generally flat LA Basin. Chino Hills State Park is covered with rolling hills, mountains, and canyons which support a wide variety of plants and animals.


Park Wildlife

The biodiversity of the Chino Hills State Park is ranked some of the highest in the nation. The park hosts 200 species of mammals, amphibians, birds, and reptiles. Some of these animals are even considered rare, endangered or threatened species – Namely, the Bell’s vireo, the California gnatcatcher, and the coastal cactus wren.


Chino Hills State Park

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Chino Hills Park Flowers

This blog post would be remiss without mentioning the vegetation. According to the city of Chino Hills, plant communities include “various associations of riparian, grassland, sage scrub, woodland, and chaparral…”


But there’s something that the park is known for… During the Spring, just after the rain, you can see miles and miles of exploding yellow poppies. The poppy bloom over the hills creating a stunning yellow carpet of flowers. The best place to see the poppies in the park is from the Bane Ridge Trail.



The Most Scenic Views In The Park

Deep into the park, there’s a sign that says “Horse Camp.” Just past the sign, there’s a gravel path, that you can turn onto. This is where the most spectacular views are located.


Some Final Things To Note

First and foremost, don’t venture off the beaten path. There are rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and other creatures that you may not want to encounter in their natural habitat.


Second, the park gates close at dusk, so make sure that you are within close range of the park’s Discovery Center as the darkness appears.


Third, don’t go during the height of the summer months. Temperatures rise very quickly and there isn’t much shade to keep cool.


Finally, parking can be a challenge. Sometimes, the parking lot gets full on weekends and visitors have been turned away – So it’s best to go on a weekday or early in the morning, before the crowds.



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