Fun Things To Do In Fontana

This guide will show you all of the fun things to do in Fontana, CA!


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things to do in fontana



A Comprehensive List Of Things To Do In Fontana CA

1) Exotics Racing Los Angeles

Fontana is home of the California Speedway, where they host NASCAR events. When your favorite NASCAR drivers aren’t racing on the track, you can take over.  Exotics Racing Los Angeles allows you to test drive any luxury or sports car as fast as you want!


2) Mary Vagle Museum & Nature Center

This little nature center is a tribute to Mary Vagle. It’s a natural refuge amidst all of the urban sprawl. Things to do include: a walk on the nature trail, a visit to the pond, a view of the blooming gardens, or a venture inside the museum to learn about the habitat and history. To get a better idea of the layout of the Mary Vagle Museum and Nature Center, click here.


3) Center Stage Theater

Center Stage Theater Fontana

Photo credit Yelp @ Alana T

Watch plays, performances, live music! You can even get married here.



4) Skate/BMX Park at Fontana Park

There are two skateparks located in Fontana, this is the Fontana Skatepark North.


5) Skate Park at Jack Bulik Park

There are two skateparks located in Fontana, this is the Fontana Skatepark South.



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