Opportunity Is Knocking

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We've uncovered the Inland Empire's best-kept secrets and hidden gems! Here's a list of this week's overlooked houses and uncovered opportunities to avoid real estate bidding wars!   See something you like below? Let's go out and see some properties together!   Hot Price Reductions...  

10 Reasons To Buy New Construction

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You walk into a new construction community and you are immediately overwhelmed with excitement and possibility. You explore the community and everything checks out. The house is exactly what you've wanted, the curb appeal is charming, and the smiling salesperson is so friendly. Everything just seems

7 Ways to Avoid Buying A Property Lemon

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A property with structural flaws, electrical defects and a cracked foundation are every homebuyer’s nightmare -- not to mention a money pit. But that’s not all that can go wrong when you buy a new home. Cut down your chances of buying a property lemon with these